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Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat 1.7oz

Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat 1.7oz

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*This resin is meant to be used in extremely thin coats on items such as pens.

It is not meant to dome, create jewelry, or coat acrylic blanks. You will want Resin Rockers Original UV Resin for those projects:)


See how it works: FULL TUTORIAL


Resin Rockers Skim Coat is the first UV Resin geared towards full coverage, quick coating for pen making, and other items such as scissor handles, badge clippers, handheld tools, and more! It has a self-leveling property that works like epoxy and is built for paper-thin coats. It is perfect for glittering your projects!


FULL COVERAGE WITHOUT THE PAINT! As long as you are using full coverage glitter, you will not need to paint your pens before glittering. Just sand, resin, glitter, and resin! DONE!

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