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Cured Aroma Beads

Christmas Lane Scented Aroma Beads

Christmas Lane Scented Aroma Beads

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Christmas Lane Premium Scented Aroma Beads

I smell Christmas! I love this super strong scent! It is loaded with cranberries but, it is heavily accented with eucalyptus, clove, amber, bergamot and sheer woods. While it definitely has a berry scent, it also has that fresh, outdoors, snow scent! It is amazing and super strong! Tart winter cranberries are completely accented by a super crisp bergamot and herbal eucalyptus. Spicy clove leaf is infused with rich amber and sheer woods.

Top notes of Bergamot, Eucalyptus. Middle notes of Cranberry, Clove. Bottom notes of Sheer Woods and Amber.

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